7-gemstone-clear-calcite-aAny stone can be a tool for manifesting your higher good, your fullest potential. Inside every stone is the story of change, evolution, strength and improvement. Inside every stone is your story of challenge, survival and spiritual triumph. … Stephanie Pflumm

I would like to say something that some retailers probably won’t be happy that I’m telling you…

If someone tells you that they have special “healing grade” or “therapeutic grade” gemstones (read that as “expensive”), or that their line of necklaces or brand of crystals or gem stones work better than someone else’s… (they are ALL dug from the same mines) you should RUN!

That is just about the most “un-spiritual” philosophy that I can think of and holds much more truth for the pocket book of the seller than any truth for the Universe Principles of Healing…

I will tell you why….

The UNIVERSE supports ALL the things that it creates and adheres to some basic rules that have nothing to do with retailing and e- commerce web sites.

Universal Law is the same, in the past, in the future, and now.  Universal Spirit cannot honor a “value system” that is opposed to its own primary purpose or a basic spiritual principle.

The Universe and Spiritual Law does not support that somehow “perfect” is better. 

The spiritual universe supports individuality and unique creation.  It has made thousands of gemstones and crystals for thousands of years, and they are all created the same way, and yet unique.

The Universe takes pride in diversity!!! Look at the world Universal Spirit has created if you are looking for a value system.

Every tree is different, every bird, every flower, every snowflake, every leaf, every cloud, even every grand of sand. No two are the same. I could go on and on about how the Universe HONORS difference, uniqueness, and diversity.

What do you think the Universe teaches us about how we should feel about humans who are not “perfect” or have special needs?  Do you think the Universe see “difference”, (that which we humans call flaws and imperfections) as “damaged”? Quite the contrary.

And yet some unethical marketers would have you believe that their stones are somehow better for ignoring this basic creation principle, and have you spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on simple strands of gemstone beads.

Why would machine made and ground gemstones that have been mass produced and manufactured all in the name of “perfection” — (like little soldiers all in a row) — somehow support or channel Universal Healing Power better?

That idea goes against every spiritual principle the Universe supports.

Spiritual Power is NOT more available to people who have more money to spend than someone else to buy expensive “perfect” gemstones!

Quite the contrary.  Look at the Spiritual Leaders for centuries.  Priest, Monks, Gurus, all leading humble lives.  None of them would have validated this “more perfect or expensive” is better theory…

Tapping into Universal Power comes from an understanding Universal Law and Spiritual Principles. 

Costly, expensive gemstones command no more power than one you find in the earth and wrap a piece of wire around, and a silk cord to wear around your neck.  All the rest is ECOMMERCE, HYPE and MARKETING.

I am not talking about it being “wrong” to offer quality gemstones at a higher price.  Gemstones ARE graded and priced according to their color, clarity, and rarity, AND MORE PERFECT STONES are MORE EXPENSIVE TO PURCHASE. It’s perfectly legitimate to offer a “better grade” or “designer grade” gemstones, we do that here as well.

HOWEVER, that is a far cry from telling someone it is a “better” healing stone!

You don’t need to rely on expert to figure these things out. I believe you have read these words and the truth has spoken to your heart.  Follow what your gut is telling you.   There is a little voice inside of you that is a supreme Bull. Sh*t …  detector.

Listen to it!!!

To Further Prove my Point, read this article:

Healing Crystals and Stones you could find in your back yard.

Click HERE if you are ready to purchase your FIRST Chakra Bracelet!

Otherwise….On to How to select your crystals.

We make Custom Healing Jewelry, and we can make something totally unique for you!


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  1. This was interesting to read. Being unfamiliar with healing crystals, a lot of things were cleared up for me. I do wonder though, do the healing properties get more honed as someone uses them more, or do they stay as effective as when you start out using them? Are there ‘experts’ who have a better command of their powers?


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