How to NOT buy a Chakra Bracelet


Or you can SKIP that and buy a genuine Chakra Bracelet here:

Handmade Chakra Bracelets

Still here?  OK.  First let’s discuss why people buy Chakra Bracelets.

Chakra Bracelets are serious, ancient healing tools,
purchased for Healing, Balancing, Alignment, and Meditation.

With that in mind, here are some facts to help you wade thru the buckets of miss-information about purchasing a Genuine Crystal Healing Chakra Bracelet.


Let’s start with RECONSTITUTED beads used for Chakra Bracelets that you often see at ridiculously cheap prices on marketplaces. They say they are “all natural” beads.  How can they sell genuine gemstone bracelets so inexpensively?  The truth is, they don’t.

Here is a prime example of the mass-produced junk that is being pushed as “chakra bracelet” on the internet.  A big clue is when, as in this example, from, they don’t give you the actual gemstones that are used.  That’s because you can’t sell a genuine gemstone bracelet for $7.00.

In fact, this is hysterical, they even put this “disclaimer” right on the page, which by the way, is NOT true:

“”The only essential feature of a chakra bracelet is that its wearer understands its significance. Not every rainbow-colored bracelet is a chakra bracelet,””

This is their “chakra bracelet”.  Why does it have no red stones? (carnelian is a 2nd chakra stone) The try to circumvent it by calling it “red agate” lol.  But two yellow, and one of them is clearly identified as “simulated amber”, lol which I don’t understand because the yellow stone next to it is a real stone.

So, if they are not gemstones, what are they? Most of the time, just ROCKS made into beads. Like the ones in your back yard.  And in the case of “lava rock”. can be found in your barbeque grill.  YUP.  It’s the rocks they put in the bottom of gas barbecue grills. Except in this case, the junk LAVA beads are…plastic.  Seriously.

Or they may be reconstituted.

“Reconstituted” is basically a “man-made” bead.  It is a term describing beads made from “stone powder” (eewww…) – i.e. ground up left over low-grade stones bound together with an epoxy. The mix is then compressed into blocks and machine cut and formed into beads. There are not actually “gemstones”.  In fact, they are not actually “stones”. Do not be fooled with the term “Natural Stones” because they are made of ground up stone powder. They don’t vibrate to ANY number at all.


These are man-made.  I don’t care what marketing hype they used to be able to use these cheap, glass beads to try to convince you they have the same sort of healing properties as genuine beads.  They. Just. Don’t.

“Bluestone” and “Goldstone” are synthetic, man-made glass beads.


  • ARTICLE 23.25 Misuse of the words ‘‘ruby,’’ ‘‘sapphire,’’ ‘‘emerald,’’ ‘‘topaz,’’ ‘‘stone,’’
    ‘‘birthstone,’’ ‘‘gem,’’ ‘‘gemstone,’’ etc.

In the United States, it’s a violation of the Federal Trade Commission guidelines to use names of gemstones which MISLEAD buyers as to the identity of what they are buying.

Not only is this Un-Ethical for a “Spiritual Jewelry Maker”, the truth is that in most countries…it is ILLEGAL.  That’s the TRUTH.  The FTC guidelines are here, but I don’t expect you to go thru the tedious details.  I just wanted you to know any reputable seller of jewelry or beads does know it.

“Brazillian Ruby Beads are $4 – $5 a strand. Here is an unethical seller as example:

KARMA ARM is one of hundreds of violations, but they do it so blatantly that they deserve special mention.  They have even upped the price compared to their other bracelets to add to the deception that they are genuine.

Here its “RUBY” that is NOT Ruby:

You know they KNOW its deceptive, when they change it on another venue:

Here its “RED JADE”

Here is “SAPPHIRE” that is NOT Sapphire:

Also, beware of unethical sellers who will entice you by calling their beads by MADE UP NAMES OF GEMSTONES, to make you believe there gemstones are super duper special. There is not such thing as “emerine” lol.

Samples of deceptive practices include

Brazilian Ruby” “Brazilian Sapphire” which have no corundum at all, the main mineral in genuine precious stones. They may be reconstituted topaz and sold as “sapphire” It is illegal AND un-ethical to call beads emerald, rubies, and sapphire that do not contain corundum unless you use the word “Simulated” or “Faux” next to it.

“Brazilian Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby Beads” are just dyed inferior grade topaz. Jade is another often mis-leading term for green stones that contain no actual jade mineral.

Brazilian Jade” is usually dyed Quartzite.  “African” Jade is not a genuine Jade. Again, you can use the words as long as you make it clear what it actually is.

Howlite Turquoise” is Howlite dyed blue. Howlite is a great healing stone, but it is Howlite, its composition and vibration doesn’t change because its name or color did.

Although WOOD beads make a wonderful Rosary or Prayer Mala, they are not appropriate for Chakra Jewelry because wood all vibrates at the same number. Chakra Jewelry should not use man-made beads, reconstituted stones. or wood beads.

The exception to this is GENUINE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL, because genuine crystal vibrates to the number 11, which is a Master healer, and aligns all Chakras.


Chakra Jewelry should be made with SEVEN distinct gemstones beads that have not simply been dyed another color, reconstituted (glued together), or glass. Look for genuine stones. If it says “stone” but does not give you the names of EACH stone, chances are they are not genuine.

Reputable jewelers are proud of their materials and will make sure you know exactly which stones you are receiving.

If you have seen other unethical practices for selling Chakra Bracelets or have any questions about one you are thinking of purchasing, post a comment below!


We make Custom Healing Jewelry, and we can make something totally unique for you!


Shirley Gordon




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  1. I purchased a bracelet from groupon, I was really excited because they have some really great deals. I recieved the bracelet a few days ago and it’s just plastic colored beads. Well buyer beware and now I will really read the description more carefully and look forward to finding the real thing.


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