If you’re still here and haven’t run off to the bathroom, there are several other ways to cleanse and remove built up negative energy or vibrations, or energy from others who may have handled them.

This is not a one-time activity. Since crystals hold your energies, and help in removing or changing energy, achieving balance, etc., you want to cleanse them routinely. You don’t want the stored negative energy that you wanted removed from you, to remain in the crystals.

Let me say this first. I think of the energy of crystals as being a real thing, and that Crystal is giving me a GIFT of HEALING.   I try to treat them with respect. If you think that crystals are just lumps of minerals, and what you do to them doesn’t matter, you are probably in the wrong place.  Just sayin…

Would you want to lie in the nice warm sun for a while? Of course, you would. Would you like to lay in the full sunlight at the height of the day for 9 hours, or 2 days straight? Crystals are formed deep within the earth.  In the dark. The full brunt of the sun for a long time is not good for them. Would you like to be buried in salt? If you do, you’re just plain weird. How about a nice salted warm water bath to sooth your muscles? Sounds better, right?

Do you like the woodsy smell of Hickory smoke? Basking in the heat and light of the fireplace? Do you love the smell of burning incense? Do you just love passing thru the scent of your candle on your way to do other things? I do. I have incense and candles burning several times a day. Your Crystals love SMOKE.

Would you want to sit in a nice cool running stream? Yes. Would you like to stay there for 3 days? Not so much.  Would you like to be left alone, buried in dirt for days on end? Or would you prefer a nice, cleansing mud bath, and then rinsed with cool fresh water?

After you have cleansed your stones, don’t let other people handle them, unless you are very bonded or attuned to that person, (like a best friend or a spouse) or your intention is to HELP that person, in which case, you would cleanse them after use anyway.

Use these guidelines, and you will do just fine in cleaning your crystals. If it all sounds a little crazy to you… please check your surroundings, you might have wandered down the wrong hall….


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Shirley Gordon

Snarky is my style, lol  *”Snarky” is used to describe speech with a specific emotional tone, typically a form of sarcasm informed by cheekiness and a mild, playful irreverence or impudence.




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