B-7013a-swarovski-cube-chakra-braceletsIT’S A TRICK QUESTION.   ALL OF THEM.

And here is WHY:

Your FIRST Chakra bracelets should contain all SEVEN stones to align and balance all the Chakras.  I suggest to everyone that BEFORE they concentrate on any individual chakra, they spend at least a month or more wearing a bracelet to bring ALL of them into alignment.

It’s only logical, if you take the time to thing about it.

It is nearly impossible to discover if you have a need to align any ONE specific chakra unless you have taken the time to re-aligned each properly.  You may think your 1st chakra is out of balance – – -but it may be that the 6th is out of balance and performing poorly, and the 1st chakra has become over active and trying to compensate.  Therefore, the problem lies NOT in the over active 1st Chakra, but rather the under active 6th Chakra.

So, you can see that an attempt should first be made to re-align the total body first, before we address individual issues.

We have many different designs and styles of Chakra Bracelets, for both Men and Women, and the stones used in our balancing and healing jewelry may vary, depending on the focus and intentions of the individual designs. You may also request a specific gemstones, and will will do our best to use that in your Chakra Bracelet.

Wear you Chakra Jewelry daily, as a reminder of your desire to come into complete spiritual, mental, and physical alignment with the universe, healing Heart, Mind and Soul.

It is very much recommended that you wear your Chakra Bracelets, Chakra Anklets, and Chakra Necklaces 24 Hours a day, even to bed.  Our bodies heal fastest and best during this important, un-interrupted rest time. (Please remove before you shower)

Please remember to cleanse your Chakra balancing bracelet of stored negative energy as it heals and brings your body into perfect alignment.

Browse our Damali Crystal Healing Articles to find many helpful links to pages to learn how to cleanse your stones, and learn of the meanings of gemstones and crystals, the meanings of colors used, and don’t forget to browse our GEMSTONE HEALING DIRECTORY of 400 specific ailments and the stones which may help in many common physical ailments.


We make Custom Healing Jewelry, and we can make something totally unique for you!


Shirley Gordon


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