The Stone of Opportunity


4-gemstone-aventurineCOLOR: Translucent quartz rich in chrome-like mica. Also known as “Indian Jade”. Green is the color of Healing and Hope  

CHAKRA: 4th Chakra: Heart

VIBRATES to the number 1 & 4


ELEMENT: Water, Earth

CAREERS GREEN AVENTURINE CAN ENHANCES:  Healing – Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Crew, Hospital workers, Dentist, Optometrist, Healing, Care Giver, Technicians, Veterinarians, Counselors, Physicians, Ministers, Clergy, Mothers)  

Other Careers: – Leaders, Protectors, Artists, Writers, Executives (leadership), Stock Market, Investments, Casino Workers  

KEYWORDS FOR GREEN AVENTURINE:  Creativity, Imagination, Prosperity, Abundance, Independence, Career Success, Leadership, Opportunity, Calm, Balance.

METAPHYSICAL: GREEN AVENTURINE is an ANCIENT POWER STONE. Green Aventurine is excellent for attracting abundance & wealth. Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity” because it increases chances and luck. It has so many good healing qualities, it is also considered an All-Purpose healing stone.

Good career stone for those in stressful situations at work. Reinforces one’s decision making abilities and amplifies leadership qualities. Heals emotional pain, fear and imbalance by dissolving blocks in the heart Chakra.

AVENTURINE is also excellent for protecting the Heart Chakra, acting as a shield against “energy vampires” who like to tap in and use the energy of other people.  

  • STRESS – ANXIETY: A potent stone for relieving stress, anxiety, and emotional pain and discomfort. It helps us to see alternatives and potentials.
  • BALANCE: Balances out your emotions, helps remain calm in trying situations. Helps not just to reduce anxiety or anger, but to calm and balance out your emotions.
  • BUSINESS: Stimulates opportunity, improves your leadership skills and helps you respond to challenges on an instinctive level – allowing you to make quick, confident decisions.
  • MOTIVATION: Wonderful motivation and action stone, especially for entrepreneurs and the self-employed who have that “pioneering” Spirit!
  • DECISIVENESS: – Assists one in making the “right” decisions.
  • GOOD LUCK: A good luck stone, or opportunity stone. Has a reputation as a “gambler’s stone”, bringing luck into the game of risk and chance?


Very good for your lower back (sciatica). Draws out heat of fevers and inflammation in wounds and joints. Place a crystal in your bath water to ease muscles. Protects and helps heal the Lungs. Heart. Adrenal glands. Muscular tissue. Nervous System. Stress.  Helpful in reducing cholesterol & the prevention of arteriosclerosis. Use it to clear the skin (especially when allergies are involved).  

Enhances: Mental powers, eyesight, gambling, money, peace, healing, luck.

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel for those in need of healing, wholeness, and unity and he is affiliated with the colors green and deep pink.


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Shirley Gordon

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