SPOILER ALERT: Jewelry that falls off your body is bad.  Making and selling jewelry you KNOW will fall off is worse.  Telling you customer that means you’re “healed” … well, that’s marketing genus.

There are legitimate selling tactics – telling you why an item is better or different than other similar items to influence people to buy your item. That’s called MARKETING.

And then, there is made up stuff to cover mistakes, (or built in obsolescence – a pet peeve of mine) and then there’s plain old fashioned bullsh*t.

When you are talking about selling gemstones, and particularly CRYSTAL HEALING JEWELRY, honesty is KING.  There isn’t any way for you to know if something is real or not without scientific testing, so you need to be able to trust what a Seller is telling you.

One way to do that, with mass marketing online and not being able to MEET the seller – is to look at the quality of the materials they are using and what they say about it.

It can’t very well be SPIRITUAL HEALING JEWELRY if it isn’t made with the right intentions…that right there is a BIG clue.


An example of using crap materials is this” stretchy beaded bracelet” craziness going on!  Every mother and their son that can put a bead on a string is selling “crystal healing” stretchy bracelets and telling you they are using ”genuine natural” gemstones. (see this article about what that means)

Knowing it’s just not the right material for the job, some *** marketing genus decided to see if they could continue to get you to buy poorly made jewelry that falls off and came up with this idea.  Not only can they continue to sell you horribly cheap junk, they could make you feel good about it!! “Tell them its supposed to fall off!”

I’m sorry, but that made me snort my coffee the first time I saw it …it cracks me up. Just because someone is saying it, doesn’t make it true. I can not believe how many grown up adults are nodding their head and saying “ok…that makes sense…”!!

Here’s the real deal:

Fishing line is for fishing. It’s crap.  Elastic belongs in your socks and your underwear, not your jewelry. STRETCHY STRINGS should not be used with genuine stones. PERIOD. Due to the way they are pneumatically drilled, they have rough edges, and genuine gemstones spin around on the cord, and cut thru that Stretchy String like a razor blade!  (And anyone who makes jewelry knows that.)

This business of telling you a healing bracelet is “supposed to fall off when its full-fills its purpose”. Seriously.  Crystals can help motivate the Power of the entire Universe to work on your behalf, to bring you Abundance, Prosperity, Physical Healing, and Personal fulfillment, but it can’t prod you to get a new bracelet?  You just wake up one day and poof!

You’re healed and that bracelet it OUT of here!

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.  Any of it.  Its not a one and done thing. You don’t attract abundance and then suddenly not need it anymore.  Or manifest Self Confidence and never have self-doubts again.  Or want to repel negativity for just a short period of time. The whole point of cleansing your crystals of old energy is so you can use them repeatedly.

You should be able to build an ARSENAL of CRYSTAL HEALING JEWELRY and wear it as you need it!  We change all the time. Our feelings change overnight.  Our situation can take a quick turn in another direction at any moment.  Sh*T Happens.

I don’t know about you, but I can figure when it’s time for a new bra, or pair of shoes, or jeans, or new dishes, a new piece of jewelry without it disappearing.  I know when it’s time to move on.  I FEEL it.  I get bored with it, or I am tired of wearing it, or something new grabs my attention. The Universe will nudge you when it’s time.  The next lesson or healing that you need to continue your journey will ATTRACT you to it.

The Universe uses a POSITIVE re-enforcement system, not a NEGATIVE one.

You can feel the truth in what I am saying.  I know you can.

While I would not go so far as to say it’s unethical…I will tell you that over the centuries of jewelry making…with double lock clasps, and lobster claws, and safety chains, and ring guards…that jewelry that FALLS OFF your customer is something most reputable jewelry makers try to avoid at all costs. Making stuff you know will fall off?  Hummm…. You decide.


There is a reason that these items are not guaranteed longer than 30 days, people. Look for higher quality materials than fishing line, ok?  You are worth it.

PS: There is no such thing as “High Quality Elastic Cord”

If you have a physical or emotional issue that you are dealing with and would like a CUSTOM piece of Crystal Healing Jewelry, we would love to make it for you!


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