Stones for Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Stress – Anxiety Relief Bracelet

Let us create a custom bracelet or necklace for you using the stones for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression listed below, or purchase one ready made here:

Stress & Anxiety Relief Bracelet

AZURITE:  Azurite is known as “The Stone of Heaven”, it promotes the pursuit of the Spirit. Azurite is a BEACON.  A lantern in the darkness that helps to unite the subconscious with the conscious mind and expands the limits of our minds.   Promotes deeper insight, alertness, and assertive communication; reduces depression and anger.

CHRYSOPRASE: Angelic; promotes alertness, well-being, independence, quick-wittedness; encourages beauty, love, wisdom, spiritual faith and generosity. Relieves depression, sexual imbalance and anger. Aids healing in the areas of skin diseases and is detoxifying. Anti-depressant aids in fluctuating mood swings. Also stimulates liver function and fertility.

CITRINE: Aura cleansing; promotes mental and emotional clarity; encourages manifestation; Alignment with one’s self; Lifts the spirit and soul. Optimizes memory, understanding, prosperity, recovery, growth, hope, willpower and confidence. Also reduces depression. Aids healing in the areas of food disorders, stomach and bladder problems; fights diabetes.

 DALMATION JASPER: A stone that lessens or removes disillusionment. It helps one to see their strengths and weaknesses and encourages grounding both with the Earth and. Dalmatian Jasper increases loyalty and is beneficial for long term relationships. It brings a sense of fun to one’s life.  It is a stone of protection from nightmares, depression, and negative thinking. It is also particularly beneficial for healing people who have trouble relaxing and having fun. This gemstone is said to calm nervous animals and has been used by veterinarians for centuries.

 LAPIS LAZULI: The stone of friendship and/or Stone of Total Awareness. Promotes self-knowledge, abundance, wisdom, honesty and communication.  Releases tension and anxiety and enhances psychic ability.  It helps one to overcome depression and enhances a state of serenity. It is said to bring cheer to the user and success in relationships.  This stone is light blue to azure with specks of pyrite in the matrix. Aids healing in the areas of the neck, larynx, and vocal chords. Also lowers blood pressure and regulates the thyroid gland.

 OPAL is an emotionally supportive and nurturing gemstone. It alleviates worry, chronic stress and depression.

 SAPPHIRE: Promotes straightforwardness, calmness and eases depression; bestows determination, faith, wisdom and knowledge. Aids healing in the areas of alleviating pain, reduces fever and promotes sobriety.

 SMOKEY QUARTZ Smokey quartz is the brown variety of quartz. Colors run from light gray or brown to dark brown or black. The characteristic smokiness of Smokey quartz is caused when quartz is exposed to very low levels of natural radiation from surrounding rocks or radioactive elements over a very long period. Smokey quartz is a protective crystal that can help cut through superfluous information to get straight to the point. It can help you to remain focused in times of stress or difficulty and can help during meditation or ceremony to be aware of the subtler energies while remaining grounded. It can help to release old hurt, anger and depression and is a useful companion when making hard decisions.

 VARISCITE brings a calming stillness to the busiest of minds making it an excellent meditation stone. It is useful in easing depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience, and stress. This stone is thought to be beneficial to the central nervous system and to be useful in the repair of damaged DNA.

SPINEL: Increase physical vitality and help balance emotions and open the heart. Spinel is often used to combat depression.

 MOSS AGATE is one of the most powerful Agates.  It helps to increase abundance, prosperity, and healing. Helps us start anew; grounds, liberates, and inspires. Helps combat stress, depression, and fear by increasing confidence, tolerance, trust, hope.  Helps us appreciate and connect with nature and the outdoors, which refreshes the soul. Helps to improve ego and self-esteem, strengthens positive personality traits while keeping the EGO in check.   Aids healing in the areas of the immune system, influenza, swelling of lymph nodes, fever reducer and anti-inflammatory.


We make Custom Healing Jewelry, and we can make something totally unique for you!


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