Stones for Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth

Fertility / Childbirth Bracelet

Let us create a custom bracelet or necklace for you using the stones to help with regulating your cycle, promote conception, east the pain of childbirth,  activate your natural mothering instincts, or purchase one ready made here:

Fertility / Child Birth Bracelet

MOONSTONE:  Like Moss Agate, Malachite, and Jade, Moonstone is associated with the Goddess, fertility, planting,  and gardening.  All four are attributed to nature, water,  cycles, nurturing, and fertilization.

Wear Moonstone for childbirth, fertility, growth, and regulating menstrual cycle.

RUBELLITE (DARK PINK) TOURMALINE: Creativity, love, devotion. Unites heart and body for love, courage, passion, energy, stamina, steadiness. High lithium content (thus pink/red color) brings emotional balance, lovingness, and devotion in a down-to-earth way. Releases reproductive Chakra blocks; stimulates fertility.

JADE: Given by lovers as a statement of their love and devotion to each other, and used in lovemaking for its known erotic properties and the enhancement of sexual performance, and increase in fertility.

BLOODSTONE is an intense healing stone, balancing the base, navel, sacral, and heart chakras. It helps regulate all systems and cycles in the body, clearing blocks and restoring balance.

PERIDOT: Strengthens and regenerates all organs, stimulating new, healthy growth.  Acts as if one had just taken a Health Tonic.  Has been used to facilitate the birth process, stimulating contractions and opening the birth canal.  Slip  a piece into your “birth room” sack you are taken to the hospital.

PEARL: Symbol of pure heart, innocence, faith; balances emotions (especially water signs). Aids healing in the areas of digestive disorders; increases fertility.

RHODONITE: Encourages forgiveness; brings love and passion into action, reduces emotional imbalance, gives self confidence, strengthens friendships, promotes serenity, solves conflicts, eases trauma and bestows spiritual maturity. Aids healing in the areas of the heart, lessens scars and helps with fertility problems.

RUBY ZOISITE:  Recovery stone; also makes us creative. Aids healing in the areas of recovery time from any illness or heavy stress. Heals diseases of the ovaries and testicles. Stimulates fertility and increases potency.

CARNELIAN: Promotes action, courage, helpfulness; stops confusion, inner attunement, cleanses, purifies, opens the heart, lifts emotions, protects from envy and fear and provides perceptiveness. Aids healing in the areas of gall bladder, kidney function, infertility, rheumatism and relieving cramps; stimulates the absorption of vitamins; ensures good blood circulation.

CHRYSOPRASE: Angelic; promotes alertness, well-being, independence, quick-wittedness; encourages beauty, love, wisdom, spiritual faith and generosity. Relieves depression, sexual imbalance and anger. Aids healing in the areas of skin diseases and is detoxifying. Anti-depressant aids in fluctuating mood swings. Also stimulates liver function and fertility.  Instills compassion and provides for non-judgmental attitudes, acceptance of others and self. It can reduce superiority or inferiority complexes and can confer fluency of speech with presence of mind.


We make Custom Healing Jewelry, and we can make something totally unique for you!


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