IT'S A TRICK QUESTION.   ALL OF THEM. And here is WHY: Your FIRST Chakra bracelets should contain all SEVEN stones to align and balance all the Chakras.  I suggest to everyone that BEFORE they concentrate on any individual chakra, they spend at least a month or more wearing a bracelet to bring ALL of them... Continue Reading →

Crystal/Gemstone Healing Directory: 400 Ancient Crystal Healing Remedies

Alphabetical Index of 400 Crystal Healing Remedies. Using the ancient healing power of crystals to heal the spirit, bring wellness the physical body, and balance to the soul. Symptom Gemstone Remedy A Abdomen Smoky Quartz Abdominal colic Mother of pearl , Obsidian Snowflake Absent-mindedness Carnelian Abundance Amber , Malachite , Moss Agate, Citrine, Peridot, Jade... Continue Reading →

How to NOT buy a Chakra Bracelet

WHEN A CHAKRA BRACELET IS NOT REALLY A CHAKRA BRACELET. Or you can SKIP that and buy a genuine Chakra Bracelet here: Handmade Chakra Bracelets Still here?  OK.  First let’s discuss why people buy Chakra Bracelets. Chakra Bracelets are serious, ancient healing tools, purchased for Healing, Balancing, Alignment, and Meditation. With that in mind, here are... Continue Reading →


We make a large variety of Chakra Bracelets for every budget!  You will find DAMALI Chakra Bracelets in Swarovski Crystal, Genuine Gemstones. Beaded, Bangles, or Wire Wrapped, With Black Greek Leather Bands, in Sterling Silver, or Gold-Filled Accents. Like all jewelry, the price difference is in the QUALITY of the gemstones and metals used to... Continue Reading →

Selecting the BEST Crystals…for YOU

Selecting the Best Crystals for You and Your Crystal Healing Jewelry Spoiler Alert: THE ONES YOU ARE MOST ATTRACTED TO ARE THE ONES YOU NEED For most purposes, the terms “Gemstones” or “Crystals” and “Minerals” are the same.  The vibrational effects of Crystal or Gemstone can be experienced in a variety of ways. The most... Continue Reading →


HEALING CRYSTALS AND STONES YOU COULD FIND IN YOUR YARD!  Long ago, further back than the first stones date, swirling clouds of Star Dust became caught in the gravitational pull of Grandfather Sun. One theory says the dust came from the explosion of a twin Sun, explaining how they came to be so close to... Continue Reading →


ARE EXPENSIVE STONES BETTER HEALING CRYSTALS? Any stone can be a tool for manifesting your higher good, your fullest potential. Inside every stone is the story of change, evolution, strength and improvement. Inside every stone is your story of challenge, survival and spiritual triumph. ... Stephanie Pflumm I would like to say something that some... Continue Reading →

DAMALI – The Journey Begins

We have been writing Crystal Healing Articles for our websites GemstoneGifts.com AND SobrietyStones.com for over 18 years, and have now decided to pull it all together in just ONE place.

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