Stones for Negativity, Protection, Peace of Mind

Let us create a custom bracelet or necklace for you using the stones to protect against Negativity, or bring Peace of Mind listed below, or purchase one ready made here: PROTECTION BRACELETS You might think that you don’t need “PROTECTION” stones if you think of the need to be protected as being from a physical... Continue Reading →


AMETHYST: Know world-wide as “The Stone of Sobriety”.  Stimulates spirit, encouraging you to act out of your highest ideals rather than out of self-interest. AZURITE: Guidance - Sacred stone of Native Americans used in guiding you in finding your spirit guides and allowing one to feel the presence of Spirit and understand the message. HEMATITE:... Continue Reading →


Stones for Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Energy, Speed PETRIFIED WOOD: Increases Physical stamina CARNELIAN: Stimulates power and action AGATES: Improving physical speed (as in running, racing, marathons, athletic endeavors. Agates strengthen the physical body, balance physical endurance. AGATES: In Ancient times, the forces of the Four Elements were considered the most powerful forces in the Universe... Continue Reading →

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