Stones for Negativity, Protection, Peace of Mind

Let us create a custom bracelet or necklace for you using the stones to protect against Negativity, or bring Peace of Mind listed below, or purchase one ready made here: PROTECTION BRACELETS You might think that you don’t need “PROTECTION” stones if you think of the need to be protected as being from a physical... Continue Reading →


Stones for Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Let us create a custom bracelet or necklace for you using the stones for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression listed below, or purchase one ready made here: Stress & Anxiety Relief Bracelet AZURITE:  Azurite is known as "The Stone of Heaven", it promotes the pursuit of the Spirit. Azurite is a BEACON.  A lantern in the... Continue Reading →


AMETHYST: Know world-wide as “The Stone of Sobriety”.  Stimulates spirit, encouraging you to act out of your highest ideals rather than out of self-interest. AZURITE: Guidance - Sacred stone of Native Americans used in guiding you in finding your spirit guides and allowing one to feel the presence of Spirit and understand the message. HEMATITE:... Continue Reading →


Stones for Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Energy, Speed PETRIFIED WOOD: Increases Physical stamina CARNELIAN: Stimulates power and action AGATES: Improving physical speed (as in running, racing, marathons, athletic endeavors. Agates strengthen the physical body, balance physical endurance. AGATES: In Ancient times, the forces of the Four Elements were considered the most powerful forces in the Universe... Continue Reading →


ABUNDANCE IS MORE THAN WEALTH SUCCESS IS MORE THAN CAREER ADVANCEMENT. Feeling "Abundant" is not connected to your Bank Account balance.  If you are waiting to feel "abundant" when your account reaches a certain figure, you will never feel secure. No number in a black ledger will be large enough for us "common folk" to... Continue Reading →

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