Are Your Chakra Stones in Order?

That’s a trick question.  There is NO proper order, lol.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Please allow me to explain.  You may already know this, but on the chance you may not, I will explain.

The truth is, that each stone in the spectrum vibrates to a different NUMBER that aligns each chakra.  Seven Stones equals Seven Chakras.  Seven yellow stones just doesn’t get the job done, lol.

B-7008B-wire-wrap-silver-chakra-braceletsThe Red aligns the root, the orange vibrates to align the 2nd, etc.  And for that reason, it really doesn’t matter what order the stones are in.  A blue Aquamarine will not vibrate to the first or root chakra, even if you put it on your head. Nope.  Doesn’t matter WHERE its placed.  It still vibrates to the fifth chakra.  It can’t do anything else,  it’s the nature of the crystal.

The Universe is made that way.  You can put an ear where you eye belongs, but it’s still an ear.   It doesn’t turn into an eye.  It doesn’t matter where you plant a tree, it still does its job, holds the soil and makes fresh air.  Citrine is a third Chakra stone, whether you put it on your foot, or in your ear.  Still vibrates to the third Chakra.

If you look at my entire line of Chakra Jewelry, you will see they rarely are placed like little soldiers, all in a straight line.

One, because it’s dull and boring.

Two, it’s not always aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

B7024A-pastel-chakra-braceletsThree, because it’s almost impossible to get all the same stones, in the same cut, in the same size, for each gemstone, unless its round.  They are not man-made, so you need to use whatever size and shape the mine has cut in the past year.

And Four, because it really, honestly doesn’t matter.

Now, if there were two yellow instead of an orange, or two blue and not an indigo, that is entirely a different matter, because that would mean an entire Chakra were missing.

Also, each stone needs to be DIFFERENT.  You can’t use orange aventurine, and green B-7006-bangle-chakra-braceletsaventurine.  A common mistake is thinking that it is the COLOR that aligns the Chakra, but that is far from the whole story.  What matters is the INTERNAL structure of the crystal. So, even though all the COLORS are there, it would be missing the vibrations for one of the Chakras, because of the duplicated stone. (an exception would be an all Quartz Bracelet, or a Swarovski Crystals Bracelet, because they are Universal Healers, and vibrate to ALL chakras)

I do put them in order, sometimes, because some people just know there are supposed to be stones in the colors of the rainbow, and don’t understand that it doesn’t make a difference if they are in a row. (And I do, after all, want to make ..and more importantly, SELL Chakra Jewelry.

BUT,  that’s for the un-informed, not for YOU, because now you know!




We make Custom Healing Jewelry, and we can make something totally unique for you!


Shirley Gordon

Snarky is my style, lol  *”Snarky” is used to describe speech with a specific emotional tone, typically a form of sarcasm informed by cheekiness and a mild, playful irreverence or impudence.




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